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Maren ProPAK60 Full Eject Baler
Maren ProPAK60 Full Eject Baler,New


Largest hopper opening of its class

  • Highest ram face pressure of its class

  • Most durable baler of its class

  • Exclusive Smart Bale Technology


Take the guesswork out of your baling operation with Maren’s ProPAK60 Full Eject Baler with exclusive Smart Bale Technology. Not only can it intelligently customize bale size and weight to meet your shipping methods; it can communicate directly to your production personnel with up-to-the- minute notifications on throughput, jams, productivity and even keep track of its own maintenance schedule… it’s nothing less than the smartest of its class!



Piston pump coupled to a high pressure hydraulic system is specifically Full Eject Baler: designed to reduce horsepower loss and increase efficiency.

Platen force : 172,000 lbs

Platen : 102 psi

No load cycle time : 28 seconds with regen; 40 seconds without regen

105 gallon oil reservoir

20 hp. TEFC motor : Voltages available 208, 230, 415, 460, 575 Volt, 50-60 Hertz, 3 Phase

Enclosure : NEMA 12 Rated, NEMA 4 available, UL Approved

Controls : UL/CUL/CE Approved, NEMA 12 Rated

Target bale size :
60″ l : 152cm 30” h : 76cm
40-48″ w : 102cm-122cm (operator selectable)



OCC 1,500 lbs. (short stroke) : 1,600 lbs. (full penetration)
MAGAZINES 2,000 lbs.
NEWSPAPER 1,500 lbs.
OFFICE PAPER 1,600 lbs.
ALUMINUM CANS 700 lbs. (makes full truck load)
TIN CANS 1,250 lbs.
HDPE 1,125 lbs.
PET 1,000 lbs. (percentage of caps on bottles will vary bale weights)

* Bale weights are approximate and may differ with moisture content, material density, etc.