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Maren ProPak60 2 Ram Auto Tie Baler.


54″ x 40″ feed opening — largest in class opening allows for unbroken boxes to fall in without obstruction
102PSI Platen Force — actual platen face pressure. Platen forces are rated by actual real force and not an “upto” or superficial number extracted from a maximum hydraulic system psi.
450 Brinell wear liners — for long service life and completely replaceable
Smart Bale Technology — Operator selectable bale sizes perfect for loading trucks or sea containers
Smart Shear — features a 27 point chassis shear blade, progressive platen shear and utilizes special bale chamber geometry to all but eliminate shear jams.

Competitive advantage: The ProPak60 makes 1000lb PET bale weights, compared to industry leading competitor at 800lbs. ProPak60=Only baler in its class that can weight out a sea container on PET plastic!1500lb OCC weights–single row of bales 2 high will weight a truck out
Easy Tie System — specially designed tie system allows for easy feed of bale wire without debris obstructing wire travel path. In addition, the Tie system is easier to operate and faster than other manual ties systems, including hydraulically assisted tie systems.
Retaining dogs — Simplistic and effective gravity actuated retaining dogs assist in keeping highly resilient material from expanding back into feed chamber after compression.
Automatic bale decompression — After a bale is tied off and complete in the chamber the main ram automatically decompresses, prior to the operator being able to open the bale door.
Streamlined hydraulic system — exceeds performance of competitors 30hp balers by utilizing high efficiency pumps and minimizing hydraulics components, hoses and leak points.
Interlocking construction — Chassis is constructed of ½” & ¾” steel plate which interlocks with the other chassis components by utilizing tab and slot construction which result in baling stresses being bared on the strength steel, not the welds.
Non-ferrous door — Shares same design as larger non-ferrous balers, for ultimate in durability.
Oversized cylinder mounts — for unmatched strength and durability